The witcher -3 Snowboarding Mod Offers

The witcher -3 Snowboarding Mod Offers. This Witcher three mod offers Geralt a snowboard to shred the slopes of Skellige. 

Geralt of Rivia is often recognized for carving up monsters, however this new snowboard mod lets him carve one thing else completely: the snowy mountains of Skellige, Velen, and Kaer Morhen. Rad.

Known as Geralt VGX Snowboarder, this mod provides a snowboard that Geralt can discover at an altar overlooking the bay of Kaer Trolde in Skellige. Interacting with the altar offers you a snowboard that Geralt can equip both as a sword or as boots. The video above reveals it in motion and, uh, I am a bit of shocked by how convincing it seems?

As mod creator Feregorn explains on its Nexus Mods web page, the snowboard will be geared up as boots to be able to trip it, although it seems virtually as entertaining to wield it like a sword and bash a Leshy to dying with a ten-pound slab of fiberglass.

It is fairly humorous to see Geralt whipping round on a snowboard, however this is not the primary time somebody had the concept. Again throughout its growth, CD Projekt Crimson was having lots of enjoyable with the best way Geralt would skid down steep slopes and launched a video of Geralt snowboarding round Kaer Morhen.

If you wish to attempt snowboarding for your self, you possibly can obtain the Geralt VGX Snowboarder mod right here. We have additionally rounded up a set of the finest Witcher three mods, when you‘re on the lookout for extra.

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