The 2021 Esquire Gaming Awards

ld know that issues obtained bizarre. There’s solely 4 of us. Dom Nero, famous enjoyer of digital walks on the seashore and shut private buddy of Tony Hawk, wrote a complete piece imagining Cats, like CGI-naked-fur-butts-disaster Cats, as a combating recreation. There’s TikTok influencer Cam Sherrill, who revealed himself to be a very rubbish particular person this yr. (However one revered by all. Discover a gamer who’s as able to reviewing a GeForce RTX what-the-fuck 3080 as he’s at romancing pigeons.) There’s yours actually, who joined the Esquire Gamer Zone in the beginning of this hell yr and promptly went batshit. A number of occasions. After which there’s our editor, Sarah Rense, who put up with a lot dumbassery—bearing witness to every day rants, together with the hour we spent extoling the virtues of Bravo! Cucina Italiana—that I cannot dare to roast her publicly.

We Zoomed collectively in early December, with the purpose of determining awards to offer to the previous yr in gaming. Sport of the Yr and such. We didn’t actually do this. Moreover, we might already rounded up our all-round favourite video video games of 2020. Foggy-headed from 9 months in purgatory, we simply giggled in regards to the thought of giving Cyber Mancubus an award for being the Greatest Demon. We thought Sephiroth positively deserved one for murdering Mario. One thing was mentioned about giving an award to an excellent indie title, but additionally to a random Dave & Buster’s. So, after a yr of weirdness, we determined to offer everybody and the whole lot deserving of an award, an award, proper all the way down to the glitchy butts in Cyberpunk 2077.

Now that we all know one another? The Esquire Gamer Zone Presents: the Esquire Gaming Awards.

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